Rad City & HONG Presents!!!


Rooftop Orchestra

A collective art/music, experience on the Roof.

Get closer to Heaven

Benefit party for ITTA


Date: 18, July SUNDAY!

Time: 2:00-7:00pm (DAYTIME!)
Place: the Roof of Clare Hall (Group Peace, Kyung-sung Univ.)
Door: 5.000won or donation!


10 (nomad)

( –

Lhasa (Busan)(

Golden Spun (Seoul)(

Sungho Haku (Japan)(

Sleepstalker (Busan)

Punkt (Seoul)

Sponsored by Group Peace, Agit

본 공연은 인디뮤지션 있다의 어깨수술을 위한 기금마련 행사입니다.
함께 할 수 있기에 즐거울 그날을 기다립니다.
문의: 010-5466-3465 홍 프리젠트

This benefit party is organized for Itta’s shoulder surgery. Itta is one half of the band 10, and makes her living making experimental music and touring the world. On a recent tour in the USA, Itta found her shoulder severely injured due to lugging gear around everywhere. Her unconventional path leaves her with no insurance and an expensive and necessary surgery.

Also this time will be 10 (Itta+Marqido)’s last concert in Busan to remember the days here.

We are waiting for everyone and the Sky at the moment

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DIRECTIONS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

– Kyungsung Nat’l Uni./Pukyoung Nat’l Uni. Subway stop

– Subway exit 5 (Mcdonalds)

– Go straight and take a left at the gas station

– The road ends in 1 block and Group Peace is directly across the road.

??? Any Questions ???:

010-5466-3465 hangul (Yeon Jyung)

010-5118-6148 english (Rhylon)


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