☰☵☲☷ RAD CITY 6/18 @ FABRIC ☷☲☵☰

RAD CITY is back for another art/music/visual experience!


Maybe the best electro-boogie solo performance artist on the peninsula, Yamagata Tweakster will infect you with his dance moves, awesome beats, and unmatched charisma. DANCE OBLIVION. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=80hPoGJ6dLU

::: Jambinai (SEOUL) :::

Combining classically trained Korean traditional musicians on haegum (one-string violin) & ajaeng (big lap guitar) with relentless shred acoustic guitar, FX pedals, and drums makes for a huge sound that is as surreal as it is beautiful. Jambinai is a 4-piece from Seoul that is making some truly unique and amazing music, and they are taking Korean traditional instrumentation into a new world. http://www.myspace.com/jambinai

::: 404 (SEOUL) :::

Take the indie-rock glory years of Slint and Sonic Youth, mix them up with the lovely electro-pop soundscapes of Shugo Tokumaru and Cornelius, and throw in a dash of Ennio Morricone spaghetti western influence, and you’ve got the singular sound of 404. This duo is at the front of a indie culture upheaval in Seoul, and they’re a big part of the Twitter revolution in the Korean underground music scene. http://soundcloud.com/weare404

::: LHASA (BUSAN) :::

Loop-based experimental duo on midi, loops, guitar, drums, FX, and electronics. http://lhasa.bandcamp.com/


These guys bring the party, and will have an exceptionally ass-shaking set lined up for the RAD CITY massive. After rocking the latest Street Party and opening for Toro Y Moi, they are only getting started in their mission of bringing great dance music to the peninsula.


Visual stimulation will be provided by VJs on live visuals and local Busan graphic designers, painters, and graffiti artists with their work displayed around the venue. Make sure to get a map of artists’ work at the door! Also we will have an art market where people are welcome to come offer their art, crafts, or anything in between up for sale!


RAD CITY is the product of artists, musicians, nonprofits, and independent establishments getting together to put on unique and engaging events in Busan. RAD CITY is a combination art show, art market, concert, and information distributor. It is equal opportunity and is always open to submissions of paintings, zines, sculpture, photos, fashion, music, or video to display. If you’d like to be a part of RAD CITY, email radministrator@radcity.org We are open to video artists, painters, writers, DJs, bands, solo musicians, photographers, graphic designers, fashion designers, and anything in between.


부산 그래픽 디자이너이자 화가, 그래피티 아티스트의 작품이 공연장에서 전시될 것이며 VJ 영상을 담당합니다. 입구에서 작가들의 전시소개서를 챙기는 것을 잊지마세요.


래드 시티는 부산에서 음악과 미술을 접목시킨 특별하고 매력적인 행사를 주최하는 비영리 단체입니다. 래드 시티는 미술전시와 마켓, 공연과 정보교류의 집합체입니다. 참가를 원하는 분들께는 동등한 기회를 주며 비디오, 사진, 패션, 조각, 음악, 잡지, 그림과 같은 다양한 작품의 전시를 지향합니다. 래드시티에 참가하고 싶으시면 radministrator@radcity.org로 이메일을 보내주세요. 우리는 비디오아티스트, 화가, 작가, 디제이, 밴드, 뮤지션, 사진작가, 그래픽 디자이너, 패션디자이너들 환영합니다.


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